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I will be teaching a series of my classes for only $22 (reg $77-$99)

On Sundays (Most classes are 10am – 12pm. Limited spots available. Connect with me directly to register

Location Glenwood Krystal Konvenience 2381 208 Street Langley

             February classes

I am so excited to share I will be continuing teaching at Glenwood Krystal Konvenience. Classes are only $22 for you (regular $77 -Glenwood Krystal Konvenience will be subsidizing $55 of every class for all in store students only) while funding lasts. Let's share the light and knowledge this year!!! Text 604 375-1905 to sign up

Feb 5th- Intentional Art Candle painting class Includes- art supplies, 2 tapered candles and candle holders

Feb 12th 10am-12pm $22 (reg$77) Dreamboards Make your dreams a reality this year. Class includes all supplies. Please bring any special images you have.

Feb 19th 10am-12pm -$22 (reg $77) Release the Energy clutter!! How to release and repel negativity from your home, office and social surroundings. This class includes some basic techniques to help bring about a more positive life for this new year. Class includes intention ideas, sage sticks, candle and crystals needed to blend this into your life.

Chakra Basics- Feb 26th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

Chakras are talked about in so many circles, yet they are still a mystery to most. I will teach you some basics in this mini Chakra class to begin your journey in balance and energy



AURA CAPTURE $77 (not sub on this one)

Get an actual Polaroid of your aura and a interpretation of what it means to you. By appointment only. Reading and pic take approx 30min. Text for your spot 10am-5pm 604 375-1905

Coming in March-

Soul Connection class -March 5th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

In this class we will tap into what is Soul, how can you learn to connect to your souls path and destiny in this life.  Amazing Guided meditation to connect included.

What are guides and how to connect- March 12th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

We often hear about guides and what they are telling you.  In this class I will teach about what different guides are and how to unlock your ability to receive guidance of your highest good.

Spring Equinox and how to change your patterns- March 19th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

Spring is an amazing time.  In this class we will use this natural cycle to tap into some limiting beliefs and shift into a new reality of prosperity and abundance

What are psychic gifts and how to use them March 26th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

Have you always suspected you have a 6th sense?  Maybe you just know things.  In this class I will teach you the basics of each Clair (abilities) and how to increase your personal natural gifts.

Coming in April

Law of Attraction- April 2nd 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

Since the book “The Secret”  the law of attraction has been a vital part of our lives.  Like gravity it is running behind the scenes whether we know it our not.  Learn how to use this amazing law to manifest the life you truly desire.

Numbers and Messages from spirit- April 9th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

Do you see 111 everywhere?  Or maybe 333? 
The universe is sending you messages everyday.  Learn what it all means and how to use it to guide your life.

Key Chimes- April 16th 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

The key is the mechanism of the powers of opening and closing, and denotes liberation, knowledge, mystery, and initiation. In this class you will be building your own magical mobile to enact this amazing power in your life.  All materials included 

Crystal Basics- April 23rd 10am-12pm $22 (reg $77)

We are naturally drawn to crystals now more than ever.  In this bite size class we will learn about the science and the energy behind some of your more common stones and how to use them to help them for focus, confidence, sleep better, combat anxiety and even losing weight.

      Please book your spot ahead

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